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Blue Star Diner Calgary Restaurant Review

  • March 18, 2012
  • By Cody Battershill

Blue Star Diner Calgary Restaurant Review

Misson Diner Breakfast

Bacon, eggs, sausage, chipotle pork hash ... oh my!

Blue Star Diner (formerly Artisan Bistro), home of Bridgeland’s newest brunch spot, opened back in August of 2011. This has become an increasingly favourite place for brunch in the city.

The white walls and large windows invite the natural sunlight, welcoming guests into an atmosphere of simplicity and harmony.

Like many new up and coming restaurants or existing establishments moving towards the sustainable fare route, Blue Star thrives on using only locally sourced organic ingredients.

Sometimes, the traditional eggs and bacon are simply not enough. Blue Star’s menu also offers one-of-a-kind items like the Albertan omelette made with bison chili and the chipotle pulled pork hash. I decided to try the latter.

The braised pork mixed with vegetables and topped with two perfectly cooked soft poached eggs with yolk smoothly oozing out once broken. The blend of cinnamon and chipotle seduces your palate with the contrasting sweet and spicy flavours yet somehow come together in this dish.

You must try Zora’s lemonade, a local product made with organic lemons. It leaves a refreshing, not overly sweet or overly tart, aftertaste in your mouth.

Blue Star Diner has set a new benchmark for what an exceptional brunch experience should entail. With only a limited number of seating, arrive early or be prepared to wait.

Blue Star Diner

Address - 809 1st Avenue NE, Calgary, AB
Phone Number - 403-261-9998Blue Star Diner on Urbanspoon

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