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A Citizen’s Watch: Alberta Economics

  • November 18, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

From Income and Employment to Commodities and Migration... Economics for Calgary, Alberta & Western Canada as a WholeCanadian Economics IPad

Real estate values are supported by supply and demand along with consumer confidence in the shorter term and by the economic fundamentals over the long.

Calgary is experiencing positive migration, job growth, income growth, relocation, demographics and so much more. Its not hard to see why Calgary is well positioned for continued prosperity and in the real estate market where we enjoy better fundamentals with lower prices when compared to other major Canadian centres.

- 2018 -

Alberta Wage Earnings Hold as Economy Slowly Revives - While still not at peak levels seen during December 2014, the province's average wages are steadily pushing higher as the economy slowly revives from the latest recession.

- 2017 -economic articles Calgary, AB, Canada

Alberta Unemployment Remains a Challenge Despite GDP Growth - November 2017 - Agriculture, retail, food and energy industries all helped the province post a GDP growth by the end of 2017. However, the unemployment rate will remain a challenge up until and throughout 2018.

Is Alberta Finally Coming Out of Recession? - September 2017 - Employment figures for men and woman and youth have painted a positive picture for the western Canadian province's economy heading into the end of 2017.

Alberta Leads Provinces w/ Highest Household Income - September 2017 - Despite the economic crash in 2014, the oil province of Canada managed to record much higher average household incomes compared to all other provinces in 2015.

Alberta vs. Ontario: Manufacturing & GDP in 2016 - August 2017 - How much of Alberta's GDP in 2016 resulted from economic output by the manufacturing sector? How about the mining, quarrying and oil extraction industries? How did these stack up against Ontario?

Alberta's Job Numbers Remain Virtually Unchanged - June 2017 - April of 2017 saw modest news as the amount of jobs available in the western Canadian province remained virtually stagnant. But wait, there's more to it...

- 2016 -

Who is Alberta's Top Customer? - July 2016 - Geographically speaking, it totally makes sense that our friendly neighbour to the south is by far our best customer when it comes to purchases of goods and other raw materials.

More Tourist's are Travelling to Alberta - June 2016 - The western Canadian province continues to be a top destination for tourists from abroad, especially those south of the border.I love Calgary

Restaurant & Bar Tabs Remain Steady Despite Economy - May 2016 - Even during tough economic times people need to eat, and it shows, with the latest numbers released by Statistics Canada concerning bar and restaurant tabs in Alberta.

Which Province is Canada's Population Powerhouse? - April 2016 - What province do you think leads the rest when it comes to gains in interprovincial and international net migration rates? Find out here!

Alberta's Non-Residential Construction Holds Steady - January 2016 - Despite economic conditions, non-residential construction has remained relatively strong throughout the province in 2015.

- 2015 -

Provincial Residential Housing Market Showing Some Signs of Stability - November 2015 - While some signs point towards a downturn in Alberta's housing benchmark prices, there are some that indicate it may not be as bad as many initially had thought.I Love YYC Spring

What Province Has the Least Amount of Low Income Families in Canada? - June 2015 - According to Statistics Canada, the average family in Alberta has a better amount of income than in other Canadian provinces.

Alberta Leads Canada in GDP Growth (2014) - April 2015 - Is it of any surprise that this Western Canadian province led the nation in GDP growth last year, considering its wealth of natural resources and thriving industries?

Provincial Unemployment Rates for Youths Lowest in Canada - March 2015 - There are more Albertans between the ages of 15 and 24 working than in any other province.

Alberta Adds Jobs Despite Falling Oil Prices - February 2015 - While faltering oil prices have slowed the provinces oil and gas sector, other industries are experiencing considerable gains in available jobs.

- 2014 -

Alberta Employment Growth Finishes Strong in 2014 - November 2014 - Both western prairie provinces have led Canada in terms of employment growth over the past three years - both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Alberta's Families Have Highest Average Incomes in Canada - August 2014 - Compared to all other major Canadian metropolises, Calgary and Edmonton families rank first and second for highest average annual incomes in the entire nation!

Calgary Leads Canada in Office Development - July 2014 - Calgary surpassed Toronto for the amount of office space under I love Canadadevelopment in the city core in 2013! Learn more today!

Alberta's Engineers: Revenue, Downturn and Recovery - April 2014 - How prosperous is the engineering industry in our province? Find out a little bit about revenues, operational costs and more over the past decade or so today!

New Record for Food and Drink Tabs in the Province - March 2014 - Albertans have been spending lots of money at various food and drink establishments around the province. Find out why!

New Record for Interprovincial Migration to Alberta in 2013 - March 2014 - You may think that Saskatchewan or the Maritime Provinces are responsible for all the inbound migrants heading to the western Canadian province. Think again!....

Albertan Small and Medium Business Owners Have Positive Outlook - March 2014 - ATB Business Beat is a quarterly survey for small and medium business owners in Alberta. Find out more about the 203 fourth quarter findings today now.

Alberta Opens New Trade Office in India - February 2014 - this is great news for our province. Learn more about Alberta and India's current import / export relationship, forecast and demand, and more today!

Alberta Inbound Migration on Track to Beat Record - January 2014 - So many people are choosing to move to Alberta from within Canada that it may just be that 2013 will be a record setting year for number of inbound migrants arriving in the province!

- 2013 -

Alberta Rental Vacancy Rates: Lowest in Canada - December 2013 - As the population of Alberta continues to grow, the provinces rental accomodation markets continue to feel the pressure of such growth.

Provincial Economic Drivers: Arts and Culture - October 2013 - Alberta's energy, forestry and agricultural industries might be at the top in terms of gross domestic product, but what about our arts and culture?

Albertans Love Their Summer Vacations - July 2013 - When summer comes around, we Albertans love to get out and enjoy ourselves on a holiday!

Alberta Population Continues to Grow in 2013 - July 2013 - Our provinces population continues to grow rapidly, more than any other province in Canada! Find out more at Alberta Population Growth 2013 today!

Canada MapAlberta Housing Starts the Highest in 5 Years! - June 2013 - Housing starts in the province have hit a 5 year high! Find out more about the contributing factors that have caused the housing boom.

New Record Set by Alberta Bars and Restaurants - June 2013 - Alberta's bars and restaurants are doing quite well considering they tallied the highest total of receipts ever in February of 2013. Find out more about this amazing new accolade for the province today!

Calgary - Top Global Financial Centre of the World 2013 - March 2013 - Did you know Calgary was named a top global financial centre in 2013 by the Z/Yen's Global Financial Centre Index?

Alberta - Highest Population Growth Rate in Canada 2012 - March 2013 - Alberta has the highest growth rate of population out of all the Canadian provinces!

Calgary Tourism Industry Best Growth in Canada 2012 - February 2013 - Calgary's tourism industry saw the most substantial growth in all of Canada in 2012!

Calgary Population and Employment Growth Forecast - January 2013 - Check out these geographical information system maps showing forecasted population and employment growth in Calgary and its surrounding area for 2006 to 2075. Amazing!

Alberta Retirement - More Choosing to Work Longer than Before - January 2013 - More people in Alberta are choosing to work longer than in the past. Find out why!

- 2012 -

Calgary - 5th Highest Quality of Life in the World 2012 - December 2012 - Calgary has topped another international survey! This time the city has ranked 5th for the highest quality of life in the world in 2012! Amazing!

Alberta and Accomodating the Inbound - September 2012 - Has anyone else noticed but me how packed Calgary feels lately? Find out more about how our province is coping with the large amount of inbound migrants looking for work.

Alberta and Low Unemployment Rates - August 2012 - Find out more about the low unemployment rates currently seen in the western province!

I love CalgaryAlberta and Interprovincial Migration - August 2012 - Learn about the inter provincial migration happening in Canada and how it relates to Canadian economics.

Labour Shortages in Alberta and Quebec - July 2012 - Albertan companies are worried once again about extreme labour shortages. Not to worry, Quebec is to the rescue!

Alberta Soars Above the Rest - July 2012 - Alberta's average annual income for a household is the highest in Canada! Find out why.

Move to the West! - July 2012 - Young men and women in Canada. Time to pack your bags and find opportunity in Western Canada!

Western Canadian Economic Growth - Rail Car Indicator - May 2012 - One indicator of how well an economy is doing is the volume of goods being moved in and out of a certain region. Includes everything from electronics to raw goods.

Albertans Love Their Wine - April 2012 - What do people buy when they have a larger disposable income? Apparently one of these items is wine!

Calgary - Economic Epicentre of Canada - April 2012 - Infographic explaining some major reasons why Calgary truly is the economic epicentre of Canada.

Economic Powerhouse of Canada - Calgary - April 2012 - Calgary has made Z/Yen's Global Financial Centres Index, ranking 28th out of 77 cities!

Calgary - Economic Engine of Canada - January 2012 - Infographic highlighting some facts for the city including this one; Calgary home to Canada's strongest economy and the 4th largest market.

West is Best - GDP Growth - January 2012 - Alberta is forecasted to lead Canada's provinces in GDP growth for 2012. Amazing!

- 2011 -

Alberta Ahead in Average Income - November 2011 - Did you know Alberta's annual income is ahead of the Canadian average.

More Canadian Moving to Alberta - October 2011 - Find out why people from all over Canada, especially the east, are moving to Alberta.

Alberta is Sitting Pretty - GDP Growth - April 2011 - Alberta is set to be one of the best economies in the developed nations.

Calgary - 5th Best City to Live in the World - February 2011 - The Economist is a well renowned magazine who conducts an annual livability survey for cities around the world. Over 30 factors are considered!

10 Reasons Why the Canadian Economy is Tilting West - February 2011 - Learn in detail about 10 reasons why the western Canadian economy continues to outperform most of the east.

I Love CanadaI Love Canada...

Canadian economics are directly related to the success of its provinces. Part of Alberta's success is from it's abundance of natural resources which are a main contributor in the success of its cities.

On that note, Calgary, Alberta is a safe, prosperous, clean city where you can raise a family, enjoy economic opportunity and live a high quality of life. Not only did the Economist magazine rate Calgary the 5th best city to live in the world 2 years in a row but the Prime minister of Canada also proclaimed this is the "greatest city, in the greatest country on earth".

Call, email or message me anytime about your relocation plans. I am a Calgary born and raised realtor and would love to welcome you to our amazing city!

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