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East Village Lifestyle East Village Condos

  • November 18, 2011
  • By Cody Battershill

East Village Calgary's Newest Oldest Coolest Warmest Neighbourhood

East Village Condos CalgaryThe goal is to make East Village the newest oldest coolest warmest neighborhood in town and so far Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) a wholly-owned subsidiary of City of Calgary tasked with redeveloping and revitalizing the 49 acre site east of downtown in City Hall is doing an amazing job.

The Revitalization - What's Old is New

Since since 2008 when work started CMLC has spent $108 million in east village infrastructure to fix the streets, add the river walk, the stampede underpass and add the necessary infrastructure upgrades to support the newly revitalized, refreshed and recharged inner city area that is literally on downtown's doorstep.

The First Milestone - New Condos For East Village

So far two land deals have been announced. Ultimately the area will hold a few thousand new condos. The first was with "Embassy Bosa" who agreed to build a 600,000 ft.² mixed-use residential project in East Village which will be called "Evolution" and is likely to consist of three towers with condos, retail and other mixed uses . The second deal which was in 2011 with "Fram and Slokker" committing to building a 725,000 ft.² mixed-use development along park side and rivers edge this project will be called "First", again featuring condos, retail and other mixed uses.

The Island - Downtown Calgary's Newest Green Destination

St. Patrick's Island will be another oasis in East Village adding more park space right downtown in the center of the city for urban condo dwellers and other Calgarians alike. This 31 acres of greenery located along the Bow River will be accessible, safe and comfortable after the CMLC development team listened to the more than 6000 Calgarian who weighed in at public consultations with their wishes for the future of the Island.

Thinking Ahead for Public Transit

At City Hall, which will be the LRT station that serves East Village with a short walk for most, the city is currently halfway through  the redevelopment of the LRT platform, expanding it from a one way  three car platform into a two way four car platform on either sides. This will ensure the addition of future residents in East Village have an efficient LRT station close by for their use.

Coming and Going - The 4th Street Underpass

The recently finished underpass at fourth street will connect East Village at the North to the Saddledome and Stampede grounds on the south. Previously East Village was cut off  by the 9th Ave railway tracks but not anymore! With a feat of engineering and some awesome design inspiration CMLC completed a four lane underpass from the stampede grounds into the East Village which will combine some innovative lighting and two wide pedestrian and bike lanes. The new underpass will facilitate East Villages connection to the rest of Calgary and also help Calgarians get out of Flames games and concerts a lot faster.

A New Icon Emerges

Entering East Village from the stampede grounds on the new underpass you'll be greeted with an iconic and amazing new structure simply titled the "National Music Center". The national music Center will be home to the Cantos music foundations exhibits and museum as well as the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. This amazing building will be unique, one-of-a-kind and will incorporate both old and new by using the King Edward Hotel as a part of that structure. The national music Center will be an icon of music in Calgary and a beacon for teaching, entertainment, live shows and local artists. This will be an amazing musical centered exhibition and become a real cultural hub in Calgary.

The Verdict is?

We've got new roads, walkways and street lights, a ton of infrastructure spending, a new district energy plant, lots of public art, the Riverwalk, St. Patrick's Island,  a New Underpass,  the Revitalization of old Historical buildings merged and transformed into new mixed-use masters of architecture,  plus dont forgert the 2 huge land deals for new condos and new retail which will attract new residents wanting to call the area home. With more to come and a well-thought-out development strategy all of this will culminate with the National Music Center and other projects in the area to create one of Canada's and North America's best urban communities! I am excited about East Village and you should be too.

Questions about East Village in Calgary?

Get the best advice Calgary real estate

I think East Village is going to be an amazing area to call home and the first new condos will be up for sale in 2012. Send me a message below to find out about the opportunities in East Village and the awesome condo developments that are just around the corner!

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