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East Village’s NCL is More than Just a Library

  • November 1, 2018
  • By Cody Battershill

New Central Library Now Open! Nov 1st, 2018New Central Library East Village Calgary

With the grand opening of the New Central Library in East Village today (Nov 1st, 2018), many are heading down to check out what it’s all about.

Surely if you’re one of the people who has followed it throughout its phases of construction, you’re excited to see its unique architecture amid the bookshelves in several sophisticated library spaces.

I mean, with a price tag of $245 million, this award-winning facility should be a sight to behold. This is quite a large investment for the city, but something that you and I both don’t necessarily think about when it comes to libraries is their positive effect on society.

Did you know the NCL won multiple MUDA Awards?

Consider the long term social and economic benefits.

Nations like Canada, with high levels of reading comprehension and literacy, not only have advanced economies, but often rank as some of the best places to live in the world. Furthermore, it’s well known that a high standard of living and well-performing economy for almost any nation often coincides with strong reading performance and high literacy rates of its citizens.

Libraries play a critical role in helping people learn and maintain literacy and reading skills.

Public libraries are also known to be important connecting points where the public can engage with art in all forms. The New Central Library is exactly that; a focal point connecting the downtown business core and Beltline with the newly revitalized East Village community. It has many brand-new spaces for the community to get together and engage in activities and events of all sorts.

Expect to see everything from fundraisers to corporate events held somewhere inside its 240,000 square feet.

A vast wealth of knowledge and information.I Love Calgary

In this day and age, many people find the information they need using a computer or smartphone. Libraries give people another means of doing so in a cost-effective manner. They also have a wide range of documents, stories and concepts that aren’t necessarily find-able online.

This information is provided to all public members regardless of age, race, class, income or gender, creating a safe space for everyone to learn and share perspectives in.

In other words, the hefty investment made into public facilities such as the new Central Library are costly in the short-run, but provide a great deal of opportunity for all.

A higher standard of living, sharing information and supporting artists will help stimulate new ideas, many of which may help bolster economic growth in the future.

NCL Quick Facts

  • $245 million price tag
  • Architecture by DIALOG and Snøhetta
  • 240,000 square feet
  • Additional 40,000 square feet available for future expansion
  • 80 percent is public space
  • Biggest public cultural facility investment made since ’88 Olympic Games
  • Opened its doors November 1st, 2018

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