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Just BBQ Calgary Taiwanese Restaurant Review

  • July 15, 2019
  • By Cody Battershill

Just BBQ: Just Visit this Taiwanese Resto!

calgaryism restaurant review

We finally got a chance to visit Just BBQ, one of Calgary’s newest restaurants to open its doors, and boy we were impressed. This authentic Taiwanese barbecue restaurants food isn’t just delicious, it’s also well priced.

You can tell that the head chef is all he’s cooked up to be on the restaurant’s website. He used to head the kitchen at a well renowned restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, and specializes in barbecue grill.


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To add, the interior is just amazing. It really is the most upscale street food restaurant in the city with its classy and modern interior design, plus HDTVs all around and full liquor license to boot.

I’m sure you already sense my excitement about this new restaurant. Well, here’s my full review of this one heck of a gem restaurant on Edmonton Trail in the northeast.

  • Atmosphere – 9.5/10.0
  • Service – 9.5/10.0
  • Food – 9.5/10.0
  • Cost – 8.5/10.0
  • Overall – 9.3/10.0

*10 rated as best


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Found on Edmonton Trail and 12th Avenue NE in Crescent Heights, Just BBQ is conveniently located in the inner city.

This new Taiwanese restaurant in Calgary shares the building with a few other shops including a liquor store and another food business.

The building has about a dozen or so parking stalls, so you might get a parking spot. If not, there should be a spot on Edmonton Trail or 12th Avenue NE.

Atmosphere & Service

The interior of Just BBQ is extremely well done. It features contemporary design with sleek stone walls, clean white panel and light wood finishings.

On the back end of the restaurant you’ll notice the glass wall between the kitchen and bar. We love the open-kitchen concept where you can see what’s going on in the back end.

We also love the six HDTVs found on the restaurant’s walls. When combined with the full service bar with over thirty different kinds of alcoholic drinks, Just BBQ is the perfect place to catch your favourite sports game.

Onto the bathrooms, which are extremely well done and are always clean. You really notice the quality of craftsmanship the restaurant has, which is funny because we’d say the same thing about its savoury Taiwanese-style barbecued food.

Our Orders

Just BBQ’s menu is extensive and each is under $10 (except for the seafood noodle). We’ll discuss our favourite items because we’ve had so many different ones.

#1 – Bacon-wrapped scallops - $8.99


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You get four bacon-wrapped scallops in total. By far these are probably our absolute favourite skewer because of the scallop’s tenderness and juicy flavour, enhanced by the rich bacon.

Just be forewarned that these are so good you might not be able to stop ordering them. We started with one order and ended up with five on the bill.

#2 – Salt and pepper beef skewers - $7.49

Comes with two skewers that have a good four bites of tasty beef on each. We absolutely love these skewers because the beef is decent quality and is packed with flavour.

Part of the flavour surely comes from a tiny bit of fat, but the way it’s cooked it just melts in your mouth.

I would say the chef knows how to harness the added richness and flavour a bit of fat can have on a barbecue skewer. These are absolutely a must try!

If you like something a bit leaner, check out the salt and pepper chicken skewers. They’re also dynamite!

#3 – Tofu meatball - $5.49


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If you choose not to eat meat, then these barbecued tofu balls will be right up your alley.

For just over five bucks you get two skewers with six meatballs total – a wicked deal!

Sautéed with a special house-made sauce and sprinkled with sesame seed, you’ll be asking for more like we were!

#4 – Just edamame - $2.49

For a few bucks you can indulge in this cold, spicy appetizer. It’s covered with a house-made dry spicy sauce that looks like peanuts mixed with chilis.

If you can’t handle spicy foods, it might have you huffing and puffing a bit and asking for more water.

Not to worry though as the dish is pretty small, and the sauce also has some sweetness to it which offsets some of the spice.

Another must try at Just BBQ Taiwanese food in Calgary!

#5 – White sauce udon - $9.99


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Add some noodles to your Just BBQ experience and try the white sauce udon. This dish is big enough for two to share easily.

It will remind you of Alfredo – the sauce tastes similar – but is made Taiwanese style by the udon noodle and shredded seaweed + spices sprinkled on top.

Final Wordi love calgary i love yyc

Overall Just BBQ was an excellent dining experience where we got to try some absolutely delicious Taiwanese-style barbecue skewers and other authentic dishes from that part of the world.

We highly recommend Just BBQ not only for its quality cuisine, but the quality dining atmosphere it provides too.  It’s also conveniently located in the inner city and is easy to get to. Check this place out!

  • Address – #120 – 1211 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary
  • Phone Number – 403-769-9188

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