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3 Reasons to Move to the Calgary Beltline

Why Should You Live in the Calgary Beltline? Rich in amenities, entertainment and culture, the Calgary Beltline has much to offer those who choose to live there. It's an ideal setting for urbanites looking to live an inner city / downtown lifestyle to the fullest, a place where in many instances they can live, work and play all … [Read more...]

Top 3 Nightclubs in Connaught

Connaught Isn’t Just All Restaurants, Shops and Offices… It’s Got Nightclubs Too! Calgary’s nightlife scene is full of fun things to do, great places to go and friendly people to meet. Connaught is one YYC neighbourhood where you will find a high concentration of bars, nightclubs and other places that are worth a visit if a … [Read more...]

Calgary Landmarks – Lougheed House

Calgary Landmarks – Lougheed House Calgary’s beltline neighbourhoods are full of historical surprises, like the Lougheed House, for example, a local landmark that has an incredible story over its hundred and some odd years of existence. As one of the oldest remaining buildings in the city, the government has dedicated it as … [Read more...]

Why I Love Connaught – Cibo Patio

Cibo's Patio is a Lovely Escape from the City If you haven’t been to Cibo’s patio on 17th Avenue SW just yet, you are missing out on another reason why I and many other people love the beltline community of Connaught! Known for its decadent Italian cuisine and ridiculously awesome happy hour specials, Cibo also is also home to … [Read more...]

Connaught Calgary Annual Condo Sales 2013

Connaught Calgary Annual Condo Sales Statistics for 2013 Also known as part of the beltline area, Connaught is a high density, ultra-urban southwest neighbourhood home to a variety of condominiums, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and more. As Calgary continues to urbanize at a rapid rate, the demand for condos in … [Read more...]

Borgo Trattoria – Best Steak and Eggs in Calgary

Borgo Trattoria - Best Steak and Eggs in Calgary!! It’s been a few days since I went to Borgo Trattoria for their weekend brunch and I am still thinking about their steak and eggs. I won't lie… I have felt this way every time I have eaten this meal. Now it is time to let all Calgarians know exactly what it is they are missing … [Read more...]

Top 5 Breakfast Restaurants in Connaught

Top 5 Breakfast Restaurants in Connaught Where is a go to place when it comes to finding some of the best breakfast restaurants in Calgary? The beltline community of Connaught, of course! Here are the top 5 breakfast restaurants in Connaught that you just have to try! Holy Grill Address - 827 10th Avenue SW Phone … [Read more...]

Why I Love Connaught – Cilantro

Why I Love Connaught – Cilantro With all of the new restaurants popping up in Calgary’s downtown, especially those in the Beltline districts of Connaught and Victoria Park, I temporarily forgot about Cilantro; an old faithful of mine. Upon sitting down to lunch, I felt a sort of sadness wash over me, as if I had neglected an … [Read more...]

Why I Love Connaught – UNA and CIBO Pizzerias

Why I Love Connaught Calgary – UNA and CIBO Pizzerias When you live in the Calgary beltline and find yourself with a huge craving for pizza, how do you choose between two of the best pizzerias in town? UNA and Cibo both have their Napolitano handcrafted, wood burned pizza crusts down to a fine art. Though choosing between the … [Read more...]

The Coup – Must Try Vegan Restaurant in Connaught Calgary

The Coup – Best Vegan Restaurant in Connaught Calgary! Now I know what the hype is all about when it comes to The Coup on 17th Avenue SW. I had an opportunity to stop in for a quick lunch the other day and believe or not, I am now a devote customer and advocate for this amazing restaurant! It’s so good, I'm calling it one of … [Read more...]

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