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Top 20 Richest Neighbourhoods in Calgary

  • August 30, 2023
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary's richest neighbourhoods - top 20

What Are Calgary's Most Wealthiest Communities?

Updated August 2023

What are the richest neighbourhoods in Calgary? While there are several upscale and affluent communities across the city, only a handful stand out as the "richest" of them all.

Calgary's most expensive communities typically share a handful of common features that make these areas highly sought after among luxury buyers, including (1) an exclusive location, (2) a large land parcel, (3) high-end custom features, and (4) panoramic views all around.

So, if you're looking to buy a home in a luxury neighbourhood and want only the best of the best, here are the top 20 wealthiest communities in Calgary that may interest you! Also see:


Calgary downtown skyline during Fall or Autumn colors with Bow River surrounding the financial district and its skyscrapers. As viewed from Sunnyside Bank Park at Crescent Heights.

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,178,271

No list of the richest neighbourhoods in Calgary would be complete without Altadore. Known for its high-end infill developments, Altadore homes are conveniently situated near the Elbow River parks and pathways, Marda Loop District and Mount Royal University.

New infill homes in the area can range from the $800,000s and up to $2 million depending on the build and size. There are also a select few sprawling estate mansion homes worth several million dollars, which are not listed on the market very often.

Aspen Woods

Aspen wealthiest communities in Calgary Alberta

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,173,870

Located on the brim of the West District, Aspen Woods is known as one of the city's top luxury neighbourhoods for its close-to-everything location and beautiful setting amid the rolling foothills.

Aspen Estates in particular is where you'll find some of the "richest" properties in Calgary. If you're looking for a luxury neighbourhood that has multi-million dollar estate homes with all the high-end bells and whistles you would expect, then Aspen Estates is an excellent place to begin your search.

Other areas of Aspen Woods are also very affluent, with top-of-the-line estate homes featuring panoramic mountain views, sprawling lots, and lots of privacy provided by aspen groves.


Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,382,000

If you are looking for an estate home with easy access to outdoor recreation, then this affluent southwest community might be for you. Several Bayview homes back out onto the Glenmore Reservoir, providing owners with direct access to the pathways for leisure and recreation.

Bayview lots are typically deep and wide with mature vegetation, offering families the ultimate privacy and escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Homeowners have taken it upon themselves to fully renovate their properties inside and out over the years – as this area is where families tend to stay for the long term.

Bearspaw Calgary

bearspaw calgary richest communities in Calgary region

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,530,800

Bearspaw is known for its sprawling acreage mansions that have given it a reputation as one of the most expensive neighbourhoods near Calgary.

Acreage homes in Bearspaw typically offer everything a luxury buyer could ask for such as panoramic mountain views, high-end luxury real estate, and acres upon acres of land.

If you want to live in a peaceful and private setting close to the city but not too far either, then Bearspaw may be the perfect fit for you. The area is home to several subdivisions such as Watermark, Church Ranches

Bel Aire

aspen luxury home calgary's richest communities

Average Detached Sold Price 2022:  $2,301,923

If the name doesn't give it away as one of Calgary's richest neighbourhoods, then perhaps its listings will.

Bel-Aire is one of the most luxurious areas of the city, where many executives and their families tend to stay for the long term. Located just a few minutes from the Beltline and downtown business core, the area is perfect for urban professionals looking to spend less time in traffic and more time doing the things they love.

With just 385 households, Bel-Aire is as exclusive as it is luxurious. Residents have direct community access to the Glenmore Reservoir and its pathways and trails that lead to downtown along the Elbow River.


Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $2,005,864

Britannia is favourable for luxury homeowners looking for a property that backs out onto natural rivers and park areas. Located just a few minutes' drive south of the downtown business core, the exclusive neighbourhood is also ideal for professionals who frequent the city centre for work and play.

Britannia residents have immediate access to outdoor recreation provided by several nearby parks and interconnecting pathways including Riverdale Park and Sandy Beach Park. In addition, MNP Community & Sport Centre is just a short walk to the north and easily reachable via the Elbow River's pathways.

Elbow Park

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,560,705

Elbow Park is another one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Calgary, nestled in between Upper Mount Royal to the north and Britannia to the south. Established in 1910, this neighbourhood is well known for its large estate lots and redeveloped luxury homes that demonstrate it is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Located just a few minutes' drive from the downtown business core, Elbow Park is an ideal community for urban professionals and their families who desire to live, work and play in the city centre. The affluent community also offers walkability with the Elbow River and its paved pathway system, providing convenient access to the Beltline, East Village, Inglewood, St. Patrick's Island and more!

Elbow Valley

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,545,283

A few kilometres from the southwest Calgary city limits are the award-winning communities of Elbow Valley, host to beautiful upscale estate homes on larger-than-life lots with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

Elbow Valley has become a go-to destination for luxury buyers looking to live not too far away from the city but not too close. Bragg Creek and its plethora of recreational trails are easily reached in just 30 minutes, and those in Kananaskis Country are not much further than that.

Elbow Valley and its various sub-divisions are ideal for luxury buyers who desire more than the typical out of their home without being caught in the city's hustle and bustle.


elboya is one of the wealthiest communities in central Calgary

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,399,419

Like its neighbours Britannia, Elbow Park and Rideau Park, Elboya is also one of the most expensive communities in Calgary where you'll find many riverside luxury estate homes easily worth $1 million plus. With a healthy mixture of high-end luxury homes, new infills and redevelopment properties, it is a sought-after neighbourhood close to amenities galore including parks, retail and services.

Elboya's location offers residents quick access to the city centre and nearby amenity hubs like Mission, Fourth Street BIA, and the Beltline. Only five minutes from the downtown core, it's no wonder Elboya is a highly sought-after neighbourhood by many urban professionals and their families.


luxury home in one of Calgary's richest neighbourhoods

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,102,574

Luxury buyers looking for homes with some of the best city views should turn their sights towards Patterson. Located on an escarpment overlooking the Bow River and northwest, Patterson is home to a handful of large estate homes worth millions with panoramic views that add another level of luxury.

Patterson homes come in all shapes and sizes. However, the properties built on the escarpment furthest to the northwest are the most luxurious, with features that will catch the eye of any luxury home buyer.

Parkhill / Stanley Park

Parkhill expensive affluent community in Calgary Alberta

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $739,165

Parkhill Stanley Park is a highly desirable and luxurious inner city community where many families choose to stay long-term, if not permanently. Host to multi-million-dollar ridge walkouts, this affluent Calgary neighbourhood offers walkability via the Elbow River's network of paved pathways.

Head north on the Elbow River pathways and you'll reach Lindsay Park and the MNP Community & Sport Centre within minutes. Go a bit further than that and you'll find the Beltline and East Village, both vibrant parts of the city host to countless restaurants, shops and services.

Overall, Parkhill / Stanley Park is sought after by many luxury buyers because of its location and the incredible downtown views offered by its homes. Today, several redevelopment opportunities remain in the area, of which serve to bring down the average detached price above. But don't be fooled, Parkhill is, without a doubt, an extremely wealthy part of the city.

Pump Hill

Pump Hill luxury home in southwest Calgary

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,243,769

Pump Hill has long been known as one of the richest neighbourhoods in Calgary with its estate-style luxury homes, several of which have been redeveloped inside and out. The community has set records in the past with some home sales reaching nearly $10 million. Families tend to stay long-term, and multigenerational living isn't uncommon in the area.

Overall, the area has convenient access to Southland Leisure Centre, Glenmore Reservoir, Chinook Centre, Macleod Trail, Glenmore Landing, Rockyview Hospital and so much more. In short, life is convenient when living in this affluent community of Calgary.

Rideau Park

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,605,800

Rideau Park is an exclusive inner city community where you'll find some of the best riverfront properties in the city. It is an excellent neighbourhood for affluent home buyers looking to live close to downtown in a family-oriented community.

Rideau Park is known as one of Calgary's richest neighbourhoods because of the sheer value of the riverside/inner city lots and of the fully redeveloped homes you'll find within. Residents get to enjoy a fully-fledged walkable lifestyle near MNP Community & Sport Centre, Stampede Grounds, the Elbow River and pathways, and so much more.


Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,452,289

Nestled in between Crescent Heights and the SAIT campus, Rosedale is home to several stunningly beautiful infill homes that will give any driver-by a severe case of rubberneck.

Known for its exclusivity, Rosedale's southern border spans along an escarpment overlooking the downtown business core. Some of the homes along this ridge are high-end luxury properties built to take advantage of the spectacular downtown and river views.

These properties also make Rosedale one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Calgary. Today, real estate in the area is in high demand, and buyers are lucky to find listings given it's a community where homeowners tend to stay for the long haul.


Calgary luxury home and community

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $2,250,475

Roxboro is another affluent riverfront community in the south inner-city region of Calgary known as one of the richest there is. The neighbourhood is a destination of choice for homeowners looking to live in a luxury home within minutes from downtown.

Like its neighbours Rideau Park and Britannia, you'll find stunning multi-million dollar infill homes all over the community, some along the embankments of the Elbow River. Living a healthy outdoor lifestyle is convenient with quick access to the network of river parks and pathways along the Elbow River.


Springbank Calgary's most affluent communities

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $1,783,112

Springbank is by far one of the richest Calgary neighbourhoods, although it would be better described as a large rural area outside the city.

Home to exclusive luxury estate communities and multi-million dollar mansions, Springbank is perhaps the epitome of luxury living for the Calgary area. Its real estate is often found on massive acreage lots, providing the utmost in exclusivity and privacy.

Springbank homeowners typically enjoy spectacular views of the foothills and Rocky Mountains to the west. Of course, the amenities of the big city aren't too far off either; Westhills Shopping Centre has almost everything you could wish for including restaurants, department stores and professional services.

St Andrews Heights

Average Detached Sold Price 2022:  $1,200,006

Located beside the Foothills Hospital, St. Andrews Heights is a sought-after northwest community by many healthcare professionals looking to live within walking distance from work.

Known as one of the richest neighbourhoods in Calgary, many of its ridge walkout homes along Toronto Crescent NW are considered pinnacle luxury single-family homes with breathtaking views of downtown and other parts of the city.

St. Andrews Heights is ideal for families with walkability to the Foothills Hospital, University of Calgary, McMahon Stadium and University District.


Stonepine most affluent communities in Calgary

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $3,250,000

This magnificent luxury community is found less than three kilometres outside the city limits, one of the only semi-gated developments in the city over the past several years.

Stonepine real estate is situated on varying elevations overlooking the Glencoe Golf Courses with astonishing views of the Bow Valley ravine and Rocky Mountains.

If you are looking for a community with commonplace amenities and some of the best access to outdoor recreation, Stonepine might be the perfect fit for you.

Upper Mount Royal

Average Detached Sold Price 2022: $2,057,859

Last but not least is perhaps Calgary's richest neighbourhood. Multi-million dollar homes are of the norm for Upper Mount Royal, where you'll find some of the city's most affluent families.

Upper Mount Royal offers residents an inner city lifestyle to the fullest just minutes from the downtown business core. It is an ideal community for downtown CEOs and Executives looking to live, work and play in the city centre.

Please Note: Average detached sold prices sourced from Pillar Nine, Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 2022

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